No fake policy

If you are new to the world of antique or even if you are a veteran collector, hunting an authentic collectable is a hard work. We, for our part, strive to provide you with the uttermost peace of mind, combating the trade in fake antiques with the strictest measures.

All the dealers are hand-picked. Each of them is known for their specialty and expertise. All dealers provide money-back guarantee to customers.

A very vigorous vetting system in place ensures all items are authentic and placed in the correct era. Counterfeit will not be tolerated. Our NO FAKE policy is to protect not only customers’ interest but reputation of dealers and the website in the long term.

You may purchase an additional Certificate Of Antiquity provided by reputable authority bodies. An Oxford Certificate may also be booked for extremely rare and valuable items that are tested for their authenticity by Thermoluminescence (X-Ray).

We look forward to you joining where you can collect and invest with the ultimate confidence.