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What are the Unique Functions of 1st-certified.com?

Learn the unique functions of 1st-certified.com that simplify and automate the complex dealing process of antique trading. These unique features made antique online purchasing more reliable and pleasant, and distinguished 1st-certified.com from any other antique platform in the world.

Register to Gain Access to All the Unique Functions

To access all of the functions of the website, it is important to register a user account and verify your location following the instruction below:

  • First, hover on the My Account icon to bring a drop-down menu. Click on the Register button to register a new user account. Click the Register button and apply for an user account.
  • After providing your email address and password your registration will be completed. Next, you will receive a verification email. By clicking on the activation link, your account will be successfully activated. Afterwards, you will be diverted back to the website and log into your account successfully.
  • Make sure to check the City field in your My Account > Profile details page. Our system should have determined your city according to your IP address. Please confirm your location. This is essential in order for our system to calculate accurate live shipping costs for you on the product page.
  • If you are Chinese or non-English language speaker, please fill in a standard English name of the city if you choose to manually change your city name. For example, 北京→Beijing, 上海→Shanghai, 香港→Hong Kong, 臺北→Taipei, etc.

Certificates and Authentication

1st-Certified.com is associated with a prestigious authentication and certification process which is highly recognised internationally. The Certificate and authentication include the image of the artwork and endorsement of the authenticity of the antique items. If you are new or an inexperienced collector or you are unsure of the authenticity of an item that you are fond of, please check if the item is associated with one of the certificate and authenticity. They are listed in the product feature section  or Certificate variation section under the selling price of the item .

Certain certificate and authenticity have an additional cost, while some are offered for free of charge. Therefore, when you change the certificate type, the selling price of the item may vary accordingly.

Please note that the delivery time could be extended upon any certificate and authentication being requested, as the Certificate and authentication testing and preparation process takes some time. It usually takes an extra week or two for the item to be delivered.

Click the Register button and pply for an user account.

Live Shipping Cost

Based on your location and order values, our system provides advanced live shipping cost calculation, which is displayed on the product page.

  • Your location .
  • Shipping method .
  • Total shipping cost .
  • Delivery time .

The total shipping cost consists of three parts: Total shipping cost = Insurance + Shipping cost + Packaging and handling cost

  • Insurance= Selling price × Insurance rate
  • Shipping cost = The weight of the product × Shipping rate
  • Packaging and handling cost defined by a dealer for each item

Since antiques are significantly valuable merchandises, each shipment will be insured for the protection of both buyers and sellers. When you use the negotiation feature and offer a lower price to the seller, the total shipping cost will decrease accordingly as offer value of the item is a key factor to determine the insurance cost.

In the world of antique trading, which usually involves an extra shipping costs negotiation after a deal is reached, our system provides an extraordinarily simplified and automated solution. Buyers and sellers no longer expect another round of extensive negotiations, which, in some cases, might be very difficult and result in the order being cancelled in the end. With our ultimate shipping solution, everything is done when you press the button to submit your order.

Live shipping cost calculation.


Most dealers offer you an opportunity to purchase an item at a lower price than the original price specified by the dealer. However, you can always choose to buy any item at the original price by clicking on the Purchase button .

First, type in your price proposal in the input field and then click on the Negotiate button on the right. If your offer is accepted, you will proceed to the checkout process. Please keep in mind that in some cases, the seller may decline your offer at the seller's sole discretion and issue a refund.

How can you negotiate the price.

When your offer is accepted, our system will generate a special coupon , the value of which will be distracted from the original price so that you can purchase the item at your offered price.

For the item that has no selling price displayed and is offered for sale only through negotiation on the storefront, the original price is set to 0 in the system to facilitate the negotiating equation. The coupon discount will now be a negative number in this case. Just keep it the way it is by default. If the proposed price is accepted by the dealer, you will pay the amount that you have offered for the item.

A coupon is generated if your offer is acceptable.

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